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Havukal and Warwick Company Profile

Havukal estate lies on the eastern slope of the Nilgiri hills in Southern India at an altitude of 5500 to 6000 feet above sea level. Known for our singular attention to quality we offer a pure refreshing cup of tea produced in the most pristine of conditions. A family owned gardens celebrated for its leadership in quality and sustainability comes teas that will capture the distinctive elegance and flavors of the Nilgiri hills.

 The first tea plants at Havukal have been planted as early as 1910 and Havukal has always remained a family company. Over the years, the garden has undertaken a shift towards planting only the quality tea clones such as CR 6017 and TRF 4.

 Warwick estate lies on the eastern slope of the Nilgiri hills in Southern India at an altitude of 6500 feet above sea level. Known for both green and black teas, the first tea plants at Warwick were planted as early as 1876. Warwick came into the Havukal family in 2003 after which extensive replanting was carried out with quality clones. like CR 6017 and B/6/36.

 The Havukal and Warwick Group is certified by Rain Forest alliance, UTZ, HAACP and Trustea. In addition, the Havukal Tea factory is also certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 and both the factories intend to establish FSSC standards (GFSI) by the end of this year.


Havukal and Warwick: A sense of community

Havukal and Warwick estates are one of the few gardens in the region to bring enlightened management practices to ensure better productivity and also incorporates a genuine concern for the workers, to provide a better life for the workers, the standards set by the management incorporates comprehensive welfare packages that include free housing, free medical aid and free primary school education for every child on the garden.

As an organization that stays responsible to the community that it is part of, Havukal and Warwick estates has always responded positively to the needs of community. As there was no special school for mentally challenged children in the region, Havukal and Warwick has set up a charitable institution “MAANAS” to impart training and education to them. Specially trained faculty and a loving, caring environment give the children enormous opportunity for growth and well-being.

 Altogether, Havukal and Warwick presents a way of life that is enlightened, based on strong traditional values from which emerges some of the finest quality teas that have found acceptance worldwide.